Top 10 Intermediate Grammar Test Score

Below are the top 10 results of Intermediate English Grammar Test. Your name and score will be listed here only if your test score is higher than the lowest of the top 10. In addition, to keep you learning continuously, this leaderboard will be re-calculated everyday.

Intermediate 1

UserDatePoints% CorrectTime Spent

Intermediate 2

UserDatePoints% CorrectTime Spent
1. Hamed Rasooli2019-09-1616.008000:09:33
2. Alpha2019-09-1716.008000:04:19
3. Alpha2019-09-1615.007500:05:11
4. Alpha2019-09-1715.007500:04:55
5. Alpha2019-09-1715.007500:33:34
6. Alpha2019-09-1715.007500:04:33
7. Alpha2019-09-1614.007000:03:36
8. Alpha2019-09-1611.005500:06:06
9. Alpha2019-09-1611.005500:04:31

Intermediate 3

UserDatePoints% CorrectTime Spent
1. Alpha2019-09-1725.008300:07:38
2. Alpha2019-09-1723.007701:36:55
3. Hamed Rasooli2019-09-1622.007300:11:27

Intermediate 4

UserDatePoints% CorrectTime Spent
1. Alpha2019-09-1727.009000:06:14
2. Alpha2019-09-1723.007700:10:37
3. Alpha2019-09-1722.007300:15:16

Intermediate 5

UserDatePoints% CorrectTime Spent
1. Alpha2019-09-1735.008800:25:34

Intermediate 6

UserDatePoints% CorrectTime Spent
1. Alpha2019-09-1734.008502:09:25
2. Alpha2019-09-1721.005300:20:45

Intermediate 7

UserDatePoints% CorrectTime Spent
1. Alpha2019-09-1738.007600:28:45

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